“We’re Gonna Drop This Sh*t On Y’all’s Heads” – Does Koe Wetzel Have New Music On The Way?

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It seems like we’re getting pretty close to some new music from Koe Wetzel.

Though he hasn’t made any official announcements, he has tweeted several different things that point to the the fact that it’s likely on the horizon.

Of course, he promised a full-blown country record by the day he turns 30 years old, and with that less than a year away, I certainly hope it’s in the mix.

Considering that his fan-favorite album, Harold Saul High, was dropped as a complete surprise to fans back in 2019, it’s wouldn’t be out of character at all for him to finish something and then release it without any sort of lead-up or marketing campaign.

I’ve been following closely for any sort of hints at when a date or announcement might be coming, because personally, I can’t wait for the time to come that I can circle release day on my calendar.

And, earlier today, at 5 o’clock in the morning, he tweeted this:

SoundCloud is an artist-focused platform that allows them to upload music for listeners all over the world without a label or any sort of backing.

Since he’s currently signed to a major-label and released his first album with them, Sellout, last year, it’s clearly a joke, but also with the rise of “TikTok Stars” these days, it sounds like Koe is making fun of them too.

But, the real story here is that he followed it up with another tweet that confirms the fact that he’s planning to do the same thing he did with HSH and release the next project as a total surprise:

“Jk we just gunna drop this shit on y’all’s heads. Without shit being actually dropped on folks heads. But watch out.”

Color me EXCITED.

Of course, that could be months from now, could be next year, hell it could be tomorrow for all we know. So, while it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re any closer to anything, pay attention when he says “watch out.”

With Koe, there’s absolutely no telling what’s coming next.

He’s been pretty open in saying that he’s been writing some, too, which only furthers my theory that something is, in fact, about to drop:

With so many artists completely dragging out marketing campaigns over months and months, releasing half the damn tracks in advance and virtually killing all the excitement fans have for a new project, I love surprise records.

These days, it’s so much easier to enjoy them the way they’re meant to be when you don’t know anything beforehand. Even if he’s just putting out a new song we don’t know anything about, I’ll take it.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good surprise? If it really means a new album from Koe that’s anything like Harold Saul High, we’re in for something special.

And while you’re here, make sure you check out his most recent video for “Drunk Driving”:

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