Minnesota Farmer’s Bean Field Collapses As Deep As 25 Feet: “It Looked Like The Grand Canyon”

A large field with a road

Well this looks… straight outta the apocalypse.

A bean field in northwestern Minnesota collapsed, and needless to say, the line is ginormous.

The shocking occurrence was all caught on drone footage by Brad Thoreson in Climax, Minnesota, according to CBS Minnesota.

A lot of the field fell as deep as 25 feet, creating a ravine that’s about a quarter mile long.

According to a social media post, the family who owns the bean field noticed a crack in the field earlier this summer, and were really hoping the crack wouldn’t come near the farm house.

“When I drove out here, it looked like the Grand Canyon. We didn’t have all that slumping going on, it was just straight down. Straight up and down.

It’s kind of scary. It is sad, sad to see it… Mother Nature does what she wants.”

Geologists from the University of North Dakota stated that the ginormous crack most likely came from dry weather, a drop in water levels on the Red River, and recent rains.

Even if there’s a normal explanation for this occurrence, you can’t tell me this doesn’t look like it’s straight out of a movie.


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