Louisiana Man In Tighty Whities Laughs In The Face Of Hurricane Ida, Rocks Out To Heavy Metal With American Flag

50 stars and 13 bars, by God.

Ole Glory has withstood a lot since the beginning of this nation, and that includes even the most powerful of hurricanes.

As Hurricane Ida slammed into the Louisiana coast, one man took the American flag and stood toe to toe with the hurricane, braving the gale-force winds…

And no, it’s not Lane Pittman… Lane stayed home this year.

We all know and love the video of Lane Pittman, the red haired king who stood outside his home in Neptune, Florida, carrying the American flag and head banging to some death metal while taking on the ferocious winds of Hurricane Matthew five years ago. Lane also took on Hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Florence.

However this year, he did not make his way from Florida to Louisiana, to stare down Hurricane Ida right in her big stupid eye. And yet in his place, with the blessing of the great Lane Pittman himself, a new hero has emerged.

Ok, maybe not hero… but he’s waving a flag in a hurricane and that’s good enough for me.

Pittman posted a hilarious video on Twitter of a new guy who answered the call… straight up rocking the tighty whities. Not quite the same ferociousness we’ve come to know and love from Pittman, but hey, we’ll take what we can get, right?

Because while he may not the hero we deserve (or the one we want), he’s the one we need right now.

And of course, a look back at some of Lane’s best work.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Irma

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