Bison Straight Up Murders Another Bison At Yellowstone National Park

Cold blooded…

Yellowstone National Park is a wild place.

Just teeming with wildlife, there’s probably not a better place in the entire United States where you can get a front row seat to all the wonders (and sometimes brutal realities) of nature.

Wolves, elk, deer, bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, coyotes, mountain lions, wolverines, fox, bobcats, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of different kind of birds… Yellowstone is home to just about every animal worth seeing in the country.

But one that attracts people from all over… the bison.

Massive 2,000 pound tanks with horns on their heads, the American Bison is one of the most majestic creatures on the planet. And while people like to act like they’re just big friendly cows, these beasts are incredibly powerful and incredibly dangerous.

Just ask this poor bison who got straight up murdered by another bison recently.

We can’t really see in the video how it all begins, but this poor bastard gets caught with his head down and gets absolutely railroaded by a fellow member of the herd.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he survived the crushing blow.

It should serve as a warning… the number of idiots that try and approach bison at Yellowstone are too numerous to count. I mean how many times have we seen someone barely escape with their life after getting too close to a bison? A LOT…

They may seem pretty docile, and for the most part are, but they can also flip the switch and mow you down in a matter of seconds.

Only the strong survive, here’s the proof…

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