Take Your Preparation For Hunting Season To The Next Level With The HuntStand App

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The wait is over.

Throughout most of the country, dove hunting and archery deer season will be here in a matter of days and for most hunters last minute preparations are underway.

You can take your preparation for hunting season to the next level though, all you need is the revolutionary HuntStand app.

Most people go hunting to get off the grid and unplug from the computer, phone screens, and televisions they’re often glued to while at work or on the couch, so you may be skeptical about a hunting app. But rest assured, this is an app made strictly for hunters by hunters. It is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

HuntStand is North America’s #1 hunting and land management tool, and it’s made planning your hunts and maximizing the efficacy of your hunting property easier than ever before. It combines advanced mapping tools with satellite layers that allow users to create and share the best hunting maps possible.

Through the HuntStand app you can access topographic and satellite layers of the area you hunt and build out precise and detailed maps that let you lay out hiking and ATV paths, game trails, stand locations, food plots, watering holes, property boundaries, and more.

You can also collaborate and start chatrooms with your hunting buddies, use the friend locator to ensure safe shooting positions, and keep an eye on each other in case of accidents, track and share your harvests, chart scrapes, rubs, wallows and other animal signs, and log data about wildlife sightings and other details from about your individual hunts.

The app also provides up-to-date weather, wind, and lunar forecasts so you can ensure the conditions are just right for the spot you choose to hunt.

One of the best parts of the HuntStand app is that once you you’ve mapped out and charted your hunting property, you can order high quality hard copy maps to hang on the wall of your hunting camp or roll out on the table which makes coordinating and planning hunts even more interactive while still satisfying the old school tangible feel of a good old fashioned adventure map.

You can also use the HuntStand stand app to find land for sale by viewing property listings anywhere in the country. This tool shows you hunting properties through immersive details that list hunting specific attributes and information for each parcel of land listed.

While you get plenty of amazing features with the free version of the app, you should definitely consider taking your experience to even even further by signing up for a HuntStand Pro subscription for just $29.99.

With HuntStand Pro you can view your hunting areas through an all new cutting edge 3D mapping mode. All of your markers, lines, and shapes will conform perfectly to the land to map out the topography in an interactive format. Plus the ability to pan and zoom on the 3D map essentially allows you to fly through your hunting area before you trek through it.

The Pro app also comes with access to unlimited nationwide property information including boundary lines, land ownership details, acreage listings, and more. Plus you can add these boundaries to the printable maps or view them in 3D. HuntStand Pro also gives you access to maps covering a whole host of public hunting lands under both state and federal management authority with details on specific hunting areas and regulations.

Also included is a Natural Atlas presented by Yamaha. The atlas is the most comprehensive and accurate trail map in the U.S. It details ATV and off-roading trails, forest service roads, campgrounds, and other points of interest in a streamlined manner that makes navigating the great outdoors easier than ever.

You can also use the HuntStand Pro app in lieu of that old clunky GPS you’ve been carrying around. The Pro version of the app gives you access to the app’s full offline mapping capability, so you can use the satellite maps even in remote areas where you don’t have cellphone service or on those adventures where you flip the phone to airplane mode to save battery and prevent notifications from bothering you.

A HuntStand Pro subscription also comes with access to the Trail Camera Pro database, which provides up to 40GB of free storage space for your trail camera pictures, automatic animal tagging to automatically organize your database, as well as customized heat maps of animal activity to help pinpoint game activity and movement predictions to help pin point the best hunting spots on your property.

Beyond just the app and the maps, HuntStand is also a highly respected outdoor media platform. You can browse their media channels online or through the app to find a wide variety of hunting tutorials, gear reviews, and other great content that is both entertaining and informative.

As much as we all wish we could spend all of our time hunting and enjoying the great outdoors, unfortunately life other responsibilities often get in the way of that. However, the HuntStand app is a great way to cure the cabin fever, so the next time you’re kicked back on your lunch break, waiting on your wife to try on clothes at the mall, waiting to pick the kids up from school, or daydreaming of your next hunting adventure from the living room, then pull up the HuntStand app and start to do some exploring on your phone. You won’t regret it.

You can also check out the HuntStand Youtube Channel for more great content like this.

Here’s some tips on how to get started with your new HuntStand subscription.

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