Rosanne Cash Calls Out The Steel Woods For Use Of Johnny’s Image: “THEIR Statement, Not My Dad’s From Beyond The Grave”

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Well, that was quick.

After The Steel Woods posted that long message on Instagram containing Johnny Cash pointing at “the ragged ol’ flag,” discussing how they will not be forcing any vaccine passports and negative COVID tests at their shows, a family member of Cash is voicing her disproval.

Cash’s daughter, Rosanne Cash, posted a statement on Twitter about their use of her father’s image:

“THEIR statement, not my dad’s from beyond the grave.

This is an irresponsible and thoughtless misuse of the image and supposed beliefs of someone who cannot offer his own opinion.

Please remove this picture from your press release. I hope you all #getvaxxed”

The group has since deleted the original post, but re-posted their original statement using a different image:

“We are reposting our message and putting our faces out front, and respecting the legacy of Johnny Cash.

This is OUR statement that we stand behind. Liberty and Freedom for all.” 

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