Riley Green Releases Stripped-Down Performance Of “Same Old Song” From Golden Saw Series

I can’t get enough of these Golden Saw Series performances from Riley Green.

The venue that was built on his family’s land in Jacksonville, Alabama, to put on concerts when he was a teen has now become the spot for one of the best acoustic concert series in country music.

Gotta love returning to your roots.

Last night, he posted yet another badass live performance from the hometown stage, this time, playing one of his original hits, “Same Old Song.”

In this performance, he’s joined by his good friend and fellow songwriter Jonathan Singleton.

Written by Green, along with Erik Dylan and Jonathan Singleton, “Same Old Song” comes from his debut album, Different ‘Round Here.

The album cut typically gets overshadowed by his big hit singles like “There Was This Girl,” and “I Wish Grandpas Never Died,” but make no mistake, “Same Old Song” deserves to be in the same conversation.

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