Nashville Helicopter Pilot Rescues 12 People From Tennessee Flood Waters

A helicopter flying over a building

The state of Tennessee has endured the unthinkable over the past few days as a result of the severe flooding that struck the middle of the state.

Many people lost their homes, their cars, their jobs and sources of income, and some even lost their lives. In total, 18 people have died, 3 are still missing and more than 270 homes were destroyed with many, many more severely damaged.

Loretta Lynn’s ranch foreman Wayne Spears was one of those who tragically lost his life after being swept away in the flood waters.

There are no words at the ranch today…only tears. Our ranch family is our family. We lost my amazing ranch foreman,…

Posted by Loretta Lynn on Sunday, August 22, 2021

It’s truly a devastating situation.

However, one unsung hero is responsible for saving the lives of many.

When the waters began to rise, Joel Boyers, a Nashville helicopter pilot, fired up his helicopter and set out on a rescue mission in Humphreys County.

According to Fox 17, the owner of Helistar Aviation received a call from a desperate woman who was calling random helicopter services to come help her, her brother, and his children in Humphreys County.

“Just as I popped over the hill I saw the whole town engulfed in water, there were two houses on fire, fire trucks were everywhere.”

When he first got there, he noticed two guys sitting on a roof, and went to save them first while navigating through a ton of debris.

He brought them to high ground, and then went back.

“Most of them were visibly shaking, they had been up there for a long time, most of them were cold, some of them were in partial clothing because the flood pulled their clothes off so they’re sitting there freezing in the rain.”

He rescued 12 people in total.

“It’s pretty devastating, especially because I couldn’t help a lot of people that I wanted to, it would’ve been way too dangerous.

I knew I couldn’t say no without trying, I couldn’t have lived with myself, all I was thinking about was my daughter on a roof.”

Somebody get this man a beer… or 10.

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A beer bottle on a dock