Matthew McConaughey Releases Texas Longhorns Hype Video And College Football Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

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Nobody on this planet knows how to get the people going more than Matthew McConaughey.

And while McConaughey could hype anybody up over anything, he brings extra hard for Texas Longhorns football fans.

The man is a graduate of the school, a film professor, and the school’s “Minister of Culture.” Needless to say, he’ll go down in Longhorn history.

And what better way to get the Longhorn faithful fired up for the new football season? Have Mr. Alright Alright Alright himself star in a hype video.

McConaughey posted the video on his Instagram page, and in the video, he’s asked a question:

“What is the minister of culture?”

And his response?

“The minister of culture, I want to champion certain guiding principles… The soul of Austin, the soul of the University of Texas.”

Can this Saturday get here fast enough?

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