Cody Jinks’ Metal Band, Caned By Nod, Is Already Working On Second Album

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Full speed ahead.

We’re all waiting patiently (or rather impatiently) for new the Cody Jinks, or rather, Caned By Nod metal album coming out soon. It also makes a difference when Jinks’ buddy Ward Davis claimed the album was some of his best work to date.

Or “fucking masterpiece” was how he put it.

And of course, have you ever heard a bad song come from Jinks?

The guy could yodel the phonebook and people would still listen.

Jinks teased the first single, “Middle Finger,” from Caned By Nod, which should be out on Monday, with the full album out sometime in November.

But before we even get a taste of the metal project, Caned By Nod is already gearing up to record their sophomore album. They’ll be back in the studio next February.

They kept their message short and simple:

“Headed back to the studio in February 2022 to record the next #CanedByNod album.”

So if the anticipation wasn’t already at its peak… it’s done tipped over by now.

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