Black Bear Steals Amazon Package From Front Porch

Arguably the most entertaining animal in North America is back at it again.

We here at Whiskey Riff have a long running list of the whacky antics that black bears have been seen doing, and now we can add stealing a package off a front porch to the list that already includes camping out under a deck, being terrified of golf clubs, raiding picnics and swimming at Lake Tahoe, or climbing way up a utility pole and almost getting fried, or stealing backpacks, or stealing firearms, or vandalizing cars, or chilling on a couch, or relaxing in a hot tub, or cruising downhill with mountain bikers, or crashing pool parties, or getting chased out of backyards,

The package theft took place in Bristol, Connecticut according to USA Today. Home surveillance video posted by the homeowner to Facebook showed the big bruin jaunting across her drive with a recent delivery from Amazon in its mouth.

“Yea so if anyone sees an Amazon package in the Chippens Hill area with my name on it … feel free to bring it back?”

The woman said that she got a notification that her package was delivered, and then just 5 minutes later she got an alert from her security system that someone was in her driveway.

“I was taken aback because I wasn’t expecting anyone else in my driveway.”

The bear didn’t get far with the package though. It dropped it in the neighbors yard after apparently realizing there wasn’t anything to eat inside of it, just some rolls of toilet paper.

“It was hysterical, like I said. I knew nothing in there was going to be irreplaceable, so it was a fun afternoon for sure.”

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