JuJu Smith-Schuster Comments On Viral Video Of Steelers Fan Fight: “She Slapped Him First… I’m On Full Go Mode”

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Ugly scene at the Steelers Lions game this past weekend.

But then again, it’s a Steelers game so let me show you my shocked face…

But before we even get into this mess, why is anybody fighting at a PRESEASON game? Like really, can’t we just have a few beers and watch some meaningless football?

The Los Angeles Rams had the stadium open for an hour, the first time fans stepped foot in a brand new billion dollar facility, and fans couldn’t enjoy the game without throwing hands. Embarrassing…

And let’s be honest, sometimes fights are funny as hell (looking at you “Suns in 4” guy), but this is definitely not one of those times. This particular incident involved a grown man throwing punches at a woman.

Granted, she slapped him first, and plenty of people will argue that you every right to hit someone back, but I still don’t think that gives you license to haul off on a woman like you would fight a man.

But before we roll the tape, here’s what I think happened:

The video picks up with the women screaming at her partner to shut up and it sounds like the other dude is telling him to shut up too. My thought is the original beef was between the two guys and she was trying (in an extremely annoying fashion) to keep her partner from escalating the situation.

But when the other guy opens his mouth she turns around and tells him to shut up too and also to “get the fuck out.” He then shoves her, saying “don’t touch me” (even though it doesn’t look like she touched him at all, and then when she grabs his shoving hand, she slaps him with her other.

That’s my best guess as to what happened, give it a look for yourself:

And then…. all bets are off.

(Also, isn’t is crazy what two seconds of context can provide to a video clip).

It’s hard to feel sorry for the guy who was eating fists trying to defend his woman since it seems like he probably started this whole thing. Did she take it to the next level? Sure, but it sounds like she was trying to avoid all this mess by screaming at everybody to shut the fuck up… She definitely has a bit of “Karen energy” going on so no surprise she failed to de-escalate the situation.

Then the slap… at this point in our society, you should assume that slapping a dude doesn’t get a free pass anymore. You slap the shit out of somebody, they just might hit you back.

And he did.

She takes a haymaker to the jaw, and ballcap manages to land one solid right before he gets his lights knocked out. Props to her for getting back into the mix and ultimately protecting ballcap from taking even a bigger L. She’s got a stronger jaw than him…

Finally, another guy jumps in and puts an end to the madness before security can steps in… the end.

And like I said can before, people on Twitter are going to argue whether or not he was wrong to punch her like that, you already know my thoughts, but maybe somebody who should NOT be weighing in…

JuJu Smith-Schuster.

It’s no secret the NFL has had some issues with domestic violence so probably best not to chime in as a professional athlete with a “I’m on full go mode” and adding a “haha” about a dude punching a woman.

Not a good look JuJu…

And while normally I’d say there’s still time to delete this, there isn’t…

Twitter Sounds Off

Twitter has A LOT to say about it…

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