For The First Time Ever, The State Of Texas Will Have A Female High School Football Coach

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A tiny Texas high school football team just made history.

We’ve seen some great advances over the years in football, as there have been female football players, female referees, and even a few female assistant coaches at the NFL level.

But in Texas… high school football is religion.

Runge High School in Runge, Texas (population of a staggering 1,000 people) was in dire need of a football coach after the resignation of last year’s coach, Stephen Davis.

So, for the time being, 41-year-old Daisy Garcia will be taking over interim head coaching duties for the small high school, after coaching the running backs and linebackers on varsity.

She’s already made a difference for the school system as a head coach, coaching the middle school team to their first victory in several years prior to joining the high school.

She weighed in on her coaching style in an interview with The Victoria Advocate:

“You’ve got to be more stern. You have to show them who’s the boss.

And these guys have figured out pretty quick, ‘Hey, she doesn’t play.’ I’ll get in their faces just like any other coaches if I need to.”

Garcia has also coached basketball, volleyball, and softball at three local high schools before joining the football staff at Runge.

Runge opens the season next Friday, and it appears the school will not make an official hire until kickoff.

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