Randall King Posts Killer Cover Of Collin Raye’s Underrated ’90s Country Song, “Little Rock”

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I’m pretty sure Randall King has never done a bad cover in his entire life.

He’s done his version of different songs from a wide range of people like Clay Walker, Edwin McCain, and even Notorious B.I.G. So you know when he attempts a ’90s country cover, he’s gonna knock it out of the park with that pure Texas country style.

He recently shared a cover of Collin Raye’s 1994 song “Little Rock,” a n underrated ’90s tune that tackles tough issues like alcoholism and broken relationships.

It’s a good old fashioned, pure country heartbreaker where the narrator admits that he hasn’t “had a drink in nineteen days” and is trying to start over by going to church and selling VCR’s (remember those?) at the local Walmart.

The only problem, though, is that the women he loves isn’t with him, which makes his recovery all the more difficult.

Written by Tom Douglas, it peaked at #2 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Singles chart the year it was released.

Randall posted his video with a caption saying that it’s one of his favorite songs from one of the most glorious decades in the genre:

“‘Little Rock’ Cover. One of my favorite 90’s country songs that gets overlooked.

This one is a deep cut that cuts ya real deep down.”

I swear I say this every time he posts a cover, but I really would not mind a studio version of this one, either.

If sad country songs make you as happy they make me, ENJOY:

And the original:

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