Nashville Karen With The Ultimate Karen Haircut Throws A MASSIVE Fit At Mexican Restaurant

They’re everywhere…

There you are, minding your own business sitting in a Mexican restaurant, just trying to eat your tacos in peace, when you hear what might be a Karen in the wild.

You’re not sure, so you swing your head around and whoa – it’s majestic.


There she is. A Karen causing a major scene with the absolute perfect haircut to fit the behavior. It’s where the meme was born, but has taken on a life of its own during Covid.

This particular Karen was eating at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant in Nashville when she started a commotion about settling her tab. Here’s the weird part, she’s mad they comped her bill after she complained about the chicken being cold.

“Don’t try to pass that food off of me, again, ever,” she says about her chicken (enchiladas? tacos? not sure). “Settle my tab out for that horrible food that you just tried to serve me.”

KAREN – your tab is settled. Go home and watch Dancing With The Stars.

She continuously refuses to leave without paying her tab, when the crowd jumps in, offering to pay her tab if she will leave,

You can even hear a toddler imitate her dad and say, “I’ll pay your bill if you leave.”

But Karens never leave quietly, as we know…

As she walks out she sees another table of people eating and recording her and asks “Are you getting a lot of likes?”

(This Karen knows all about the Instagrams and Twitters.)

The father at the table then stands up, trying to get the restaurant staff to kick her out. Karen walks up to guy and smacks his arm in anger then denies it and demands some respect. CLASSIC!

Watch it all go down.

side note: that poor guy with her…

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A beer bottle on a dock