Navy Unveils Bad*ss Marine Corps-Inspired Uniforms For 9/11 Game Against Air Force

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College football season is so close, I can almost smell it.

A cool fall morning, meat on the grill, a cold beer cracking around noon… the fans, the culture, and your favorite team going to battle every Saturday… laying it all on the field every week trying to get that championship ring… man, there’s nothing better.

But just wait ’til you see what Navy has in store for their September 11th tilt against Air Force

It couldn’t be more fitting for two military schools to face each other on a date like September 11th, a game that till undoubtedly carry an extra heavy weight in light of the day, the 20-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and the recent developments in Afghanistan.

And today, Navy unveiled their jaw-dropping new uniforms for the game.

According to navy, they were inspired by the Dress Blue A uniform of the United States Marine Corps.

“Inspired by the iconic “Dress Blue A” uniform, the 2021 USMC uniform shares symbolic elements from both enlisted and officer regalia.

It draws parallels with white gloves, black cleats, red trim, and royal blue pants. The actual ensemble worn by a Marine is the only uniform within the U.S. Military designated to include this red, white, and blue color scheme.”

The Marine Corps battle cry, “OO-RAH” is displayed on the front of the helmet, with the Corps’ motto of “Semper Fi” on the back of the jersey.

The Marine Corps logo is displayed on both shoulders and the side of the helmet, and a “Blood Stripe” is lined down the side of the pants, representing the fallen and wounded soldiers.

The top of the helmet includes the quatrefoil, which is a cross-shaped braid that’s found on the top of a Marine’s hat.

The game is slated for 3:30 EST in Anapolis, Maryland, home of the Naval Academy.

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