Yellowstone Fans Share Their Favorite Scenes From The Show

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It’s next to impossible to nail down my favorite scene from the first three seasons of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone.

Action, heartache, fear, comedy… you can get all of it and more from the hottest show on television. And ahead of Season 4, which is set to premiere sometime this fall, fans took to Reddit to share their absolute favorite scene from the show so far.

And while the answers are all over the spectrum of great Yellowstone moments, there is a fairly common theme among many of them… Rip and Beth.

The fans LOVE some Rip and Beth.

There were a few votes for John, Kayce, and even Colby and Teeter, but the overwhelming majority of responses involved Rip, Beth, or both.

So without further ado, here’s some of your favorite scenes from the first three seasons of Yellowstone:

“I think the best scene, tv show wise, is when Beth has her office taken over by the two thugs and Rip saves the day. Super hard to watch, but DAMN good acting and suspense.”

“I also like the scene where Colby rescues Teeter. Rough-and-tumble Teeter is scared and shaking and Colby tends to her injuries gently, professionally and without hesitation. And, of course, their first kiss. Despite all they were dealing with at that moment, Teeter still maintained her quirky sense of humor.”

“Favorite Rip moment was when he reads the letter from John and starts crying.”

“Definitely Beth in the boutique.”

“When assaulting the Militia compound, Mo asking then drawing the Native symbols on Rip’s horse… magnificent scene.”

“Beth’s office attack scene. Her never backing down or showing fear to her attackers. When Rip said “I love you” (“say it when it saves me”), she finally broke down and showed her vulnerability. Powerful, raw, intense, and amazing acting.”

“Lee’s funeral and when JD is putting Lee’s ashes with his mother and talking to her….that song is awesome.”

“Kayce layin’ down the law when they went after the cattle thieves. Just like the old days”

“The scene with John and his Dad is the sole reason I can’t listen to that Chris Stapleton song anymore. Whew.”

“The scene where they let the bull go in the bar is one of my favorites. I also liked the intensity of the scene outside the bar…you really get a sense of the loyalty to the ranch and those on it AND the tension between Rip + Walker is so palpable there.”

“When Rip and Lloyd bulldoze through the bikes and then proceed to deliver a thrashing to the bikers.”

“I’m going to go with the scene when Rip turns on the lights and music and asks Beth to dance in the corral.”

So… what’s your favorite scene?

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