On This Date: Garth Brooks Releases His Iconic Single “Rodeo” In 1991

Garth Brooks wearing a hat

One of the most popular songs to have not gone Number 1 was released on this day in 1991.

“Rodeo” is easily one of the most recognizable Garth Brooks songs, even to this day, but it was not one of his 18 Number Ones, having peaked at Number 3 on the Billboard Country Charts.

Written by Larry Bastian, the song was the lead single from his 14x multi-platinum Ropin’ The Wind album, which included some of the biggest hits of his career like “Shameless,” “The River,” “Papa Loved Mama,” and “What She’s Doing Now.”

Now, here is where I would typically link a YouTube video of the song, but unfortunately, Garth has his music pretty much nowhere… unless you wanna dust off the Magnavox and pop in the ancient technology known as the Compact Disc.

So in it’s place, enjoy this video of Chris Stapleton absolutely crushing the song while Garth looks on in absolute awe.

Here’s a live version from his 1992 show at Reunion Area in Dallas, Texas.

However, it’ll probably removed soon, so enjoy it while you can.

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