Got $14 Million? Kenny Chesney’s Hilltop Tennessee Mansion Could Be Yours

A house with a pool

If you happen to have about $14 mil in the back pocket, you just might be able to buy a country star’s former mansion.

According to Realtor, Kenny Chesney is parting ways with his $14 million, 56 acre home in Franklin, Tennessee, which is the most expensive listing in Franklin.

The ginormous mansion is dubbed Bella Luce, Italian for “beautiful light,” as it is surrounded by the gorgeous sights Franklin has to offer.

The house has 12,000 feet of living space, with 150-year-old walnut floors, Venetian plaster walls, hand forged cedar and Douglas fir beams, and limestone fireplaces (I feel like I can’t say this without holding my pinky up).

Not to mention, it has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two half-baths, while also boasting a large island, bar seating, the perfect Kenny Chesney style setup.

It also includes a home theater, game room, gym, elevator, and an infinity pool and spa.

Looks like ol’ Kenny’s been living high on the hawg. I guess when you have 66 songs that land in the top 40 on the country charts, and constantly sell out entire fucking football stadium tours, you’ve made a pretty decent living.

I mean, look at this damn place:

A large estate with a large driveway

A room with a large screen A large living room with a chandelier A courtyard with potted plants

I guess Chesney’s making his way back to island time.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock