Dashcam Captures Lunatic Road Rager Throwing Ax Through A Windshield

There’s road rage and then there’s ROAD RAGE.

According to Fox 35, a Kings County, Washington, man was arrested after he threw an ax through the windshield of another car in an obvious road rage incident.

Police say the driver of a Jeep began at another car while they both attempted to merge onto a highway ramp. But then he then continued honking at them, so much so that they decided to just get off the highway in an effort to avoid an incident.

However, the Jeep followed them, pull in front, the driver got out and then hurled an ax through the windshield before getting back into his Jeep and driving away.

Fortunately for the recipient of the ax, they were uninjured. Unfortunately for the Jeep driver, the car had a dashcam.

A few days later, the man was arrested for a number of felonies, including previous road rage incidents.

He will be charged with Felony Hate Crime, Felony Eluding, and Theft, as well as an outstanding Felony warrant for First-Degree Robbery out of King County.

As easy as it is to start screaming back, fighting back, flipping people the bird, let this serves as a reminder that you never know what kind of lunatic you’re dealing with on the other side.

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