13-Year-Old Gets Duct-Taped To Plane Seat For Trying To Kick Out Window, Fighting His Own Mom

Man, these flight attendants are locked and loaded with the duct tape lately.

And they really ain’t fuckin’ around.

It seems like every week we hear news about some passenger on an airplane who causes so much of a disturbance, they get duct-taped to their seat.

Call it an odd method, but how else are you gonna get control of a passenger 30,000 feet in the air? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, amirite?

However this time, it wasn’t some pervert sexually assaulting flight attendants… it was a 13-year-old boy.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the teen pitched a fit on an American Airlines flight from Maui to Los Angeles yesterday. He attempted to kick out the window of the plane, and also became physically violent with his own mother.

He began to act up only an hour into the flight, and as you can see in the video, passengers help restrain the teen as the flight attendant unleashed the duct tape. The plane had to reroute and make an emergency landing in Honolulu. The combative kid was immediately taken into custody.

This occurrence is only a week removed from when Maxwell Berry was duct-taped to his seat on a flight after groping two flight attendants, while trying to fight another.

I mean, what’s gotten into these airplane passengers lately? And all of this without serving a drop of alcohol. Something tells me we should start handing out in-flight beers with the pretzels… you know, a little something to take the edge off?

Of course this was a kid, so we’ll refrain from passing judgement until more details arise. It’s very likely that he could be dealing some other issues that the authorities declined to share.

But still, it’s crazy that taping people to airplane seats is becoming a normal thing.

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