Drowning In An Elevator Is At The TOP Of My “Ways I Don’t Want To Die” List

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On the grand scale of nightmare scenarios, is there anything more terrifying, more hopeless, more straight out of a horror movie than an elevator filling with water?

Omaha, Nebraska, got HAMMERED with rain this past weekend and the flood waters started rising… FAST. Cars getting swept away, sewers collapsing, buildings waterlogged… just absolute hell for the good people of Omaha.

According to WOWT, a group of friends staying at the Old Market Lofts were coming down the elevator when a scene from Final Destination came to life… water started pouring into the elevator, which just so happened to be stuck as a mf’er.

And here’s the thing, the three people in there remained… calm? Even had time to film it…

“Told my roommate, I said, ‘hey, I need you to come help me. I’m stuck in an elevator. I might die if I don’t get out here soon.’”

Ultimately, they managed to make a call to his roommate who was able to get the door open before they drowned in the elevator.

Here’s the story from the man himself:

And the story from the roommate who made the rescue:

Safe to say this dude will be taking the stairs from now on…

Granted, if there is a massive flood going on, why the FUCK are you taking an electrically powered elevator to the GROUND? Where the flood is… ever heard of getting to high ground?

So… while you kind of deserve it for being a moron, I don’t wish an elevator slowly filling with water on my worst enemy. I mean, I don’t even really like elevators when they’re not full of water.

And speaking of terrifying moment trapped in water, here’s every single Fear Factor drowning challenge.


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