Jack Daniel’s Unveils New Line Of 6.5% ABV “Tennessee Seltzer”

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Better late than never.

Last summer, Jack Daniel’s launched their line of canned cocktails featuring a trio of Jack & Seltzer, Jack & Cola, and Jack Honey & Lemonade.

Now, their getting into the seltzer game.

According to The Shout, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Seltzer is expected to hit shelves in Australia this month. Available in two flavors: Blood Orange and Zesty Lemon, each can will weigh in at an impressive 6.5% alcohol by volume.

Made of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, sparkling water and natural fruit flavors, each flavor is inspired by a classic whiskey cocktail: Zesty Lemon inspired by The Whiskey Sour and Blood Orange inspired by The Old Fashioned.

Everybody and their mother has their own seltzer these days, and Jack would seemingly be pretty late to the game with their own release, but that being said, seltzer isn’t going away anytime soon. And at 6.5%, you definitely have my attention.

Still, the question remains… will we see these black beauties come to the United States and Canada? A trademark application for the name “Tennessee Seltzer” was filed this past June so it bodes well. Plus, are you really gonna make a “Tennessee Seltzer” and not even sell it in Tennessee? C’mon man…

For the time being however, they’re only available in Australia.

Stay tuned…


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