Miller High Life Is Giving You The Chance To Win The Ultimate Backyard Dive Bar

A restaurant with a table and a couch

Known fact: You can’t have a bad time drinking Miller High Lifes out of the bottle.

Dubbed the “Champagne of Beer,” you can’t drink it without feeling like redneck royalty.

And now, after last year’s extended stay indoors due to COVID-19, this summer has been full of kicking back with friends, enjoying the hot summer nights, and pounding some ice cold beer.

However, furniture stores are getting sold out left and right, as people are taking the opportunity to create the ultimate back patios for hanging to make up for lost time from last year. So unless you were able to make use of some old, cheap lawn chairs, old patio furniture, or hell, maybe some old milk crates… you’re up the creek.

If you’re one of those people who want to create the ultimate backyard patio, but don’t have the resources to do it, you’re in luck.

Miller High Life is coming to the rescue by giving away a “one-of-a-kind” patio set, inspired by last year’s “High Life’s Backyard Dive Bar.”

All you have to do is be 21 or over (of course), text “PATIODIVE” to 90464 to receive a link to enter for the chance to win, or you can also visit

Entries start today, and end August 19th.

And incase you’re wondering what the “Backyard Dive Bar” will look like?

Check it out:

-A dive inspired red wicker couch.

-A laser engraved table with barstool seats.

-A munchies machine.

-A custom pergola with dim lighting.

-Divey decor (dart board, neon sign, pillows, glassware)


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock