Former ESPN President Says Super Bowl Could Become A Pay-Per-View Event

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How much would you pay to watch the Super Bowl every year?

Fifty bucks? A hundred bucks? Two hundred bucks? I mean, even if it’s five hundred bucks, I’m having some people over, we’re splitting it up and I’m still buying that damn game.

It sounds pretty absurd, but then again, it’s usually the most-watched television event of the year. And even if you had to pay for it, it would still probably be the most-watch television event of the year.

So is it plausible that we could see the Super Bowl turn into a PPV?

Former ESPN President John Skipper says…. Yes.

According to SB Nation, John went on the Le Batard and Friends podcast on July 27th to talk about Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC and what that means for the “business” of college football.

But then the conversation turned to streaming services, and John brought up the idea of a PPV Super Bowl:

“Fans don’t want to buy a league pass. They want to buy a service that gives them most of the sports they want. They’re willing to buy two or three or four. I think it’ll be just like it’s been before.

I think ESPN+ will continue to hold most of the rights and that’s what you’ll have to have. And then you’ll have to supplement…you may end up with some pay-per-view stuff. Super Bowl…that’s an interesting thing. Take that to pay-per-view.

I mean that’s how they’re gonna replace the money someday. Because there’s not gonna be enough money in the advertising. If people are willing to pay big money to see Floyd Mayweather fight a Paul brother, I would think the money generated by a pay-per-view… maybe you’ll be able to pay a lifetime subscription.”

Hmmmm, interesting.

Let’s do a little math quick.

The highest grossing PPV of all time was the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight in 2015. With 4.6 million buys, the fight brought in about $600 million dollars.

The 2020 Super Bowl had over 100 million viewers and even if only 75 million buy the PPV (a 25% decrease), at $200 bucks, we’re looking at $15 BILLION in revenue. That’s a ton of money. Even if viewers are cut in half, that’s still $10 billion.

Of course, this is all speculation, and perhaps very unlikely, but either way, it’s an interesting proposition.

So I’ll ask you again, what would you pay to watch the Super Bowl?

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