Cody Jinks Gives First Taste Of Metal Project, Teases New Song “Middle Finger”

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If you’re a longtime Cody Jinks fan, you probably know that he got his start in a metal band called Unchecked Aggression. But around 2005, he transitioned into the music that he grew up on, the music that most of us know and love him for… country music.

However, this year Cody took some to get back in the studio, and in addition to recording his upcoming country record, Mercy, he recorded a metal album under the band name, Caned By Nod.

We know Caned By Nod’s upcoming debut album will be titled None The Wiser, and we also know that Cody’s good buddy Ward Davis called the passion project a “fucking masterpiece.”

“After I heard the ‘metal record,’ in the studio, I realized there was more to my friend than I would ever know, because the music he created for this Caned by Nod project, is a FUCKING MASTERPIECE.

There, I said it.

There are layers to this dude, man. I sat on the couch at Sonic Ranch with my jaw on the floor for about an hour, as my ole pal blew my mind, over, and over, and over again.

I like to think the music Cody and I have made together was some of his best, as I know it is some of mine. But this shit blows everything out of the water.”

A while back, Cody revealed that the first song from Caned By Nod would be titled “Middle Finger,” and today, we finally get a taste of it.

Even id you’re not a big metal fan, I think you’re gonna like what you hear:

We can expect to hear the full version by the end of the month, the both albums set for release in November.

Buckle up.

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