Alan Jackson To Release “You’ll Always Be My Baby” As Next Single, His First Since 2017

It looks like Alan Jackson is hitting country music radio once again.

We’ve all been diggin’ this new album from Jackson, Where Have You Gone, since the second it was released. The man himself has put together a phenomenal album, a traditional, real deal country album, hellbent on bringing country back.

Misson accomplished.

Now, one of his most popular songs from the album, “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” will be his next single, making its way to country radio on August 16th.

The song, which was originally written to be played at his daughters’ weddings, goes through the journey of Jackson watching his little girls grow up, and reality has officially sank in.

“I wrote the song for Mattie’s wedding the summer of 2017, but it was so hard to do. I told ’em, ‘I wrote this for all of you.”

“You’ll Always Be My Baby” is Jackson’s first single to be pushed to country radio since 2017’s “The Older I Get,” which was also included on the new album.

If country radio decides to play it (you never know these days), it’ll feel like 1995 all over again.

And let’s be honest, Alan Jackson on the radio would be a massive step forward for the format. Hell, I might even turn it on again…

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