Cody Johnson Says Yellowstone Director Taylor Sheridan Asked Him To Take Part In His Next Movie

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CoJo and Yellowstone… a match made in Heaven.

Cody Johnson recently hopped on the Rob + Holly podcast, and perhaps gave us some insight into the future of his… acting career?

When asked why he hasn’t appeared in Paramount network’s Yellowstone yet, he revealed that he might appear in another Taylor Sheridan project:

“I know Taylor Sheridan pretty well and he’s asked me to take a part in a new movie that he’s doing, so I just can’t really tell you a whole lot about it.

We just got to figure it out around my tour schedule and that’s the only problem… I’m pretty booked all the way up through the end of the year.”

I mean, if anybody could be a ranch hand at the Dutton Ranch it would be Cody Johnson. Maybe he could even show Jimmy a thing or two about ropin’ and riding.

Granted this role won’t have anything to do with Yellowstone, but if you’re not familiar with Taylor Sheridan, he’s also done Sicario, Hell Or Highwater, Wind River, and the newly released Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Cody also detailed how his upcoming Dear Rodeo documentary came to be:

“It really started as a music video, is what the original thought was. A music video that kind of did some bull riders… you know we were thinking about some impactful stories in the rodeo world.

And Shane Charlton from Warner Music Nashville kind of had this vision of telling my story a little bit… telling the story of how I was gonna ride bulls, and wanted to be a professional rodeo cowboy, it didn’t work out.

The documentary is set for release on August 10th.

CoJo also joined the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast recently where he detailed his upcoming double alum Humandiscussed being called “too rodeo for radio,” and more.

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