VIDEO: Two Massive Brown Bears Go To Battle Over Territory

You can hear the intensity in the air as two massive Brown Bears square off in a territorial battle in Finland.

The action builds somewhat slow as the two bears align them selves with a tree between them as they start to spar back and forth with their claws. As the bears move out into the open field, the confrontation becomes more violent as the big bruins start to really sink their teeth into each other.

At several different points throughout the fight it appears the bears are literally ripping each others faces off. Eventually though the conflict subsides as both bears seem to just be utterly exhausted. The war seems to end just as quickly as it started, with both bears eventually meandering away to find something to eat with no clear cut winner established.

The film team that recorded the incident described it as something they will never forget.

“After 45 minutes the bears started to appear, a total of four bears arrived within the 5 hours we were there. We would have been happy to have seen a glimpse of a single bear, but oh boy did our expectations get exceeded massively.

Two of the bears were pretty much the same size and they started to roar very loudly to each other and moments later they engaged in a fierce brawl within 30 feet from us. According to experts, they wouldn’t fight so brutally over food only. It is about the dominance of the area because females prefer stronger males.

Locals say that there has only been one fight of a similar magnitude in that area during the last 14 years. The whole scene, starting with the extremely loud roars followed up by a big fight. It was an experience that left the whole film crew speechless and even confused for a while.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience.”

Absolute UNITS.

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