Illinois Reporter Captures Hilarious Boat Launch Fail As Truck Sinks To Bottom Of The Lake Behind Him

A man looking at a boat

You gotta have your head on swivel when you’re working the news camera… you never know what you might see.

Local news reporter Jakob Emerson from WRSP Fox Illinois was doing a segment near Lake Springfield when he takes a peak behind him and notices something a bit peculiar…

A 4×4 SINKING in the lake behind him.

And when I say sinking, I mean the truck is almost completely submerged in the water.


It was an obvious boat launch fail, which unfortunately for the truck owners, is never NOT hysterical to me. It’s the epitome of a really simple, stupid mistake that comes with a BIG price tag. Just imagine the helplessness… watching your truck slowly sink into the water.

Especially if it was one of his buddies who forgot to put on the parking brake or something.

And you just know whatever news story he was working is nowhere near is funny or compelling as watching a guy’s boat sink to the bottom of the lake.

TOUGH scene.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock