OF COURSE Matthew McConaughey Reading ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Is Awesome

It’s no secret that Matthew McConaughey can make just about anything sound entertaining.

From his out of this world acting skills, to being arguably the most motivational speaker of the 21st century, hell, even a college professor at the University of Texas, Mr. Alright Alright Alright can get the people going.

And now?

Well, he’s simply reading a bed time story. Not just any bed time story, we’re talking about an all-time classic that just about all of us grew up on:

Where The Wild Things Are

In the video, he sits down with his wife, Camila, as they read in entertaining fashion. Why? I don’t really know, but if you got kids (or maybe you’re just a grown-ass man looking for a bedtime story), you might want to let Matthew and Camila take over tonight.

Talk about throwing it back to my childhood.

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A beer bottle on a dock