RIP: Molson Coors To Retire 11 Beers Including Keystone Ice, High Life Light & More

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Molson Coors is officially discontinuing 11 beers from their vast collection of brews, and all the old men out there boozing on a budget are going to be PISSED.

The full list of beers includes:

Keystone Ice, Keylightful, Milwaukee’s Best Premium, Miller High Life Light, Hamm’s Special Light, Steel Reserve 211, Olde English HG 800, Magnum, Icehouse Edge, Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve and Mickey’s Ice.

Granted, at first glance it seems like their getting rid of some old fan favorites, but don’t confuse Keystone Ice and Miller High Life Light with regular old Keystone Light and High Life… they’ll still be around.

But Steel Reserve, Magnum, and Mickey’s Ice, a fan favorite among many of the homeless drunks here in Chicago… they are no more.

According to Food and Wine, CEO Gavin Hattersley explained the move:

“After an extensive analysis of our business, we are meaningfully streamlining and premiumizing our U.S. portfolio.

This will improve supply chain flexibility for our more profitable priority brands, enhance our innovation efforts, enable us to better focus resources and ensure dependable and on-time shipments to our distributors.”

AKA, nobody really drinks this shit anyways…

To be honest, I never even heard of Keylightful, but either way, here’s to a great run for a number of classic old man beers.

It’s the end of an era.

That being said, let’s send ’em off right with this old commercial for High Life Light featuring comedian Bryan Callen.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock