Insane Brawl Breaks Out Over Reclining Seat On Flight From New Orleans To Austin


They didn’t stop…

According to CBS Austin, a wild brawl broke out on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Austin, Texas. Witnesses say the fight began over a broken seat recliner where the seat wouldn’t properly “unrecline.”

“When the plane finally landed in Austin and the seatbelt sign was turned off, both men jumped up and physically started fighting each other.”

Nothing like a couple of corn-fed boys chuckin’ knucks in tight spaces, amirite?

Let’s go to the tape:

What’s with the blurred faces?

Not gonna lie, it’s really killing the mood on this in-flight dust up, I mean, we see their faces at the beginning?

Anyways, we don’t really get to see how this all got started, but it kicks off with a finger wag in the face from man bun and then big hoss with his back to the camera cold cocks the guy in the stripes.

Was he aiming for man bun? Was stripes the primary target? It’s too hard to tell…

What we do know is that it appears to be a 2-on-1, maybe even a 3-on-1, after that and big hoss is in trouble. Stripes works the body with kidney blows, people are screaming to stop, it’s total anarchy.

When the dust seems to settle, Hoss is being held back by the arms when Stripes decided to blast him with a sucker punch right to the chops. I mean, the dude has his arms behind his back… c’mon, man. And then… a few second late, he punches Hoss from behind again.

Eventually police show up to the cabin and slap the cuffs on. The two men were reportedly detained, however according to Austin PD, no arrests were made.

Somehow, neither of these dudes are gonna catch charges, but if one thing is for sure, the whole “friendly skies” thing is long gone.

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A beer bottle on a dock