Could The Buffalo Bills Actually Be Moving To Austin?

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After years of heartbreak in Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo Bills are on the verge of their best football in 25 years, as the team broke their 25 year drought of not winning a single playoff game.

The franchise had arguably the greatest stretch in NFL history back in the ’90s, making it to four straight Super Bowls, but losing all of them.

However, after years of torture being a Bills fan, things have finally started to take a turn for the better.

The team made it to the AFC championship game last year, and expectations couldn’t be higher with franchise quarterback Josh Allen under center, along with star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Not to mention, you have the Bills Mafia, the rowdiest group of fans in football.

As things appear to be on the rise in Buffalo, but the future of the franchise in the state of New York seems to be getting some questions.

Rumors began to circulate on Sunday that the Bills’ days in Buffalo could be numbered, as there’s been speculation that the franchise could move to Austin, Texas, according to ESPN’s Seth Wickersham.

He said he had spoken with sources who told him Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula are considering relocating the team to Austin if the city of Buffalo declines to use 100% taxpayer money to build a brand new $1.1 billion stadium.

Other possible cities include Orlando, Sacramento, and Portland.

However, it appears that this is all news to the city of Austin.

However, according to Buffalo News, PSE spokesman, Jim Wilkinson, said the team is not seeking any funds for work at KeyBank Center and also added that the $1.1 billion number for the new stadium is not accurate. He didn’t say whether the actual request was higher or lower.

Personally, I think the chances of this actually happening are incredibly slim, however, footing the ENTIRE bill for a new stadium with taxpayer money is a TALL order.

The NFL already has two franchises in Texas, with the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans already well established. And if Austin hasn’t heard about it, it sounds like it all could just be a bluff to get Buffalo to foot the bill for the new stadium.

I guess time will tell, but as someone that isn’t even a Bills fan, I can’t imagine taking the team away from Bills Mafia. That’s just wrong.

Then again, imagine Matthew McConaughey as the leader of the Bills Mafia…

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