Drake White Teases New Song “Giants” Featuring An Adorable Guest

A man and woman singing into a microphone

Drake White is one of the most underappreciated vocalists on the planet.

He recently announced his upcoming album Hurts The Healing and released two tracks from his first post-collapse full album which got me super excited.

Like most artists, he’s been busy on the road as the world continues to reopen, and teased another new song I’m assuming will be on the included on the project in a Tik-Tok also posted to Instagram.

The track is called “Giants” and looks to be about fighting the seemingly too big to handle problems life throws at you. While I’m begging for the whole thing to be released, the song’s quality wasn’t the best part of the video…

Drake was accompanied by a young girl named Davis who absolutely stole the show by singing parts of the chorus.

I don’t believe Drake and his wife have any kids of their own, so I’m not sure who exactly the girl is, but man is it always awesome to see an artist bring little kids on stage to sing with them.

A great song, great singer and great moment.

Absolutely cannot wait for that new record to be released…

While we wait, enjoy the title track from the upcoming album and give his appearance on the Whiskey Riff podcast a listen.

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