This Walleye Po’ Boy Recipe Puts A Cajun Spin On A Northwoods Classic

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Walleye are one of the most popular fishing for eating in the Northern Midwest, especially places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Po’ Boy sandwiches are one of the most popular ways to eat fish fillets down in the Cajun country of Louisiana.

What happens when you mash up both of those elements of culinary excellence? Magic. That’s what.

Fishing for walleye in the summer requires most anglers to switch up their techniques compared to other times of the year.

A common mistake that a lot of fishermen make when targeting walleye during the summer, is that they target deeper waters assuming the fish will be hanging out in cooler water. Walleye actually spend a lot of their time hanging out in shallow weed beds and rock shelfs though, not in the deepest crevices of the lake.

Another common mistake is using small lures due to concerns that you may miss some mid-sized fish if the lures are too big. Walleye are fierce predators though, and they tend to want to bite off more than they can chew. Using larger lures will get their attention and trigger the predatory nature of the fish.

Trolling can be an effective method for walleye fishing, but pitching jigs into shallow water weed beds might be the most effective way to target the species.

Our friends at Bass Pro Shops have a wide variety of tackle that is perfect for targeting summer walleye.

If you plan on throwing jigs, then start with a Walleye Nation Death Rig Jig. It has several hooks, so you won’t miss a strike and the jig head helps your lure mimic live bait. Whistler Jigs are also a good option for chopping up the water and attacking a big strike. Paddle Tail Grubs are a great option for hooking up to either of these jigs.

Another great choice for summer walleye are Berkley Rubber Night Crawlers. Pair the crawlers up with a Holographic Walleye Spinner and the fish are going to have a tough time saying no.

Walleye Runners are also good options, and they come rigged up and ready to fish immediately. The same goes for the Northland Rippin’ Minnow. Leeches are also one of the favorite food sources for walleye from the spring the fall, so tossing a Mimic Minnow Limber Leech is also a good way to catch fish in the summer.

If you’re not having much luck in the weed beds and are going to try fishing a long rock shelfs in more open water, then try your luck with a Walleye Nation Rip-N-Glide. The abrupt start and stop motion of the lure has been proven to get the attention of hungry walleye. Another great option for fishing the same technique is the Berkley Flicker Shad.

There are a few different ways to fillet a walleye, but they need to be handled a little differently than other fish or else you’ll wind up biting into are known as the Y bones. Something that is unique to the species.

A technique known as zippering the fish is a great to way to make sure your fillets are boneless without wasting any meat.

Just make sure you have a sharp fillet knife to make the process as smooth as possible.

Once you have successfully filleted the walleye, it’s finally time to turn them into Po’ Boys.

In addition to the fillets, here are the other ingredients you’ll need:


Uncle Bucks Hot N’ Spicy Fish Batter
-Peanut or vegetable oil
-Hoagie Rolls
-Lemon slices

Remoulade Mixture: 1 part Miracle Whip, 1 part ketchup, Louisiana Hot Sauce

Here’s what to do:

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A beer bottle on a dock