Canadian Man Didn’t Feel Like Mowing The Lawn So He… Lit It On Fire?

A fire burning in a field


According to CTV News, a BC man is in hot water after he reportedly lit his own front lawn on fire.

Sunshine Coast firefighters were called to a home on the Port Mellon Highway for a report of heavy smoke. Passengers aboard a BC Ferries vessel were able to see the fire from the water and called police.

Clearly a man-made fire, police asked the homeowner what happened and he said rather than cutting the grass, he decided that it would be easier to burn it.

Turns out, it wasn’t…

Thankfully, the fire didn’t spread beyond the yard, but with the dry conditions and warm temps throughout many places in Canada right now, it could have been much worse.

He was fined over $1,000 dollars for the stunt.

C’mon dude… man up and take some damn pride in your lawn.

When you hit a certain age, the lawn is really all you have left that’s truly yours, go and mow that sucker like God intended it. Put some ’90s country tunes on, pop open that garage fridge and twist the top off a cold beer… make a day of it.

I guess there are two kind of people in this world…

Lazy bastards who burn their lawns down, and guys like this…

Can’t let a little rain stop ya, amirite?

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock