Mind-Blowing Chart Reveals How Much Olympic Athletes Get Paid For Winning Medals

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Call me stupid, but I seriously had no clue that athletes won money from their countries for finishing on the podium in the Olympics.

I knew that sponsors were paying them, they potentially get prize money from other tournaments, they get training stipends, etc… but little did I know countries were forking out a lot of money for their athletes who take home some hardware.

I was wrong.

And depending on what country you’re representing, the payouts can be HUGE. The United States however? Not so much…

CNBC released a chart of how much certain countries pay their athletes for finishing in the top three in their event.

For example, Filipino weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz is the country’s first Olympic gold medalist. Her reward? about $600,000 and she’s also been offered two homes and free flights for life.

American gold medalists? Less than $40 grand.

As you can see, America is towards the bottom when it comes to how much they pay their athletes, which is pretty shocking to me.

However, just checkout Singapore. $184,000 just for winning Bronze in your event? I’d take that any day of the week.

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