Kid Gives Hilarious Interview After Idiot Florida Man Sticks Hand In Zoo’s Jaguar Cage: “I Wanna Follow The Trail Of Blood & Find This Guy”

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

According to News 4 Jacksonville, a Florida man was pretty badly injured after he decided to hop the barrier and stick his hand in the jaguar cage at the Jacksonville zoo.

The jaguar did what jaguars do and swatted the guys arm, resulting in a serious claw wound. Lucky for the man, it was only a swipe. Had the jaguar decided to bite the man’s arm, he likely would have lost it.

The man was taken by ambulance to a hospital, but his injury is not expected to be life threatening.

Dude is clearly a moron, but the best part of this entire story?

The kid they interviewed after it happened.

As you might expect when a massive jaguar takes a swipe at some dude’s arm, a bucket of blood is gonna be left on the floor of the zoo. And for one Montana kid who stumbled upon the bloody scene, he couldn’t wait to find this guy.

“I want to follow the trail of blood and I want to see if we can find this guy because I was wondering if he got bit up here, down here… or if he literally just got his whole arm ripped off.”

Ah, the inquisitive minds of children… you gotta love it.

Elephants? Hippos? The hell with these dumb animals, I wanna see what’s left of this guy’s arm. I mean, it’s not every day that you stumble upon a trail of blood from an animal attack… you gotta follow the trail, right?

But what they should’ve done is hand the mic over to this kid, walk him out to the parking lot, pop open that ambulance door, and let the kid interview Florida Man.

Get some real A+ content out of this.

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