Dierks Bentley Teams Up With Hardy & Breland For New Single “Beers On Me”

First round is on Dierks.

Released today, Dierks Bentley is following up his previous hit single, “Gone,” with a beer drinking anthem that was the inspiration for his upcoming Beers On Me Tour featuring Riley Green and Parker McCollum.

Titled “Beers On Me,” the new single began on a writing retreat in Telluride, Colorado, and features songwriting credits from Hardy and Breland, in addition to Dierks Bentley himself, Ashley Gorley, producer Ross Copperman, and Luke Dick.

“HARDY threw out this title and I remember immediately thinking, ‘I wish I could buy all my fans a beer.’

After the year we’ve all had, it would be nice to get the first round and say, ‘Hey, we all got some problems but we’re going to forget about them for a little while…the beers are on me.’

I came back to Nashville to record the song and came across an article about Breland in the Nashville Scene. I got his number and he came in the next day and wrote and sang the third verse.

It was truly an organic collaboration and I couldn’t be more proud to have him and HARDY on this song with me.”

The Beers On Me Tour kicks off August 13th in Salt Lake City, and on top of that, we’re all expecting an album announcement from Dierks sometime soon.

Stay tuned…

And the live performance video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock