Man Nearly Dies After Sending A Live Eel Up His A** To Cure His Constipation

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Note to self: do NOT put a live eel up your ass.

According to Yahoo News, a Chinese man suffering from a nasty bout of constipation decided he’d have a go with an old folk remedy… a live eel up the pooper.

Yep, he stuck a live eel up his ass…

Only problem with old Chinese folk remedies is that nobody is still around to say, “yeah, we tried that… doesn’t work.”

The eel swam on up there, bit through his colon and entered his abdomen. In unbearable pain, the man checked himself into a hospital after one day.

And believe it or not, the eel was still alive when they took it out, however the doctor cautioned that it could’ve been very dangerous if gut bacteria reached the abdominal cavity.

Just imagine actually being so desperate for relief that you’d shove something that looks like this up your ass?

Somebody get this dude a Miralax.


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