VIDEO: Rare Footage Of Garth Brooks Singing “That Summer” At Texas Stadium Back In 1994

Buckle up, folks.

We’ve gotta rare video of Garth Brooks singing live from Texas Stadium surfacing in the vaults.

By now you know that Garth doesn’t appreciate his stuff floating around the internet, and he even refuses to stream his music on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

So unfortunately, old videos of him playing shows like this are few and far between nowadays. Unless of course you want to dust off the old VHS player and pop in the This Is Garth Brooks, Too! Live From Texas Stadium video.

However, a video recently surfaced on YouTube of Garth playing a packed show at Texas Stadium, home of the Cowboys, back in 1994. Singing one of his greatest hits, “That Summer,” Garth brings the house down.

This Is Garth Brooks, Too! was a follow up to his 1992, This Is Garth Brooks concert special.

The song is an absolute banger, as it’s one of his several songs that are perfect for blasting on the stereo as you drive down some backroads with the windows down. Granted, the subject matter is a little creepy, and would probably get G locked up if he switched the roles around (older guy, younger girl), but by God, it’s a jam.

Whether you’re a Garth Brooks fan or not, you have to respect the fact that he’s one of the best entertainers to ever do it, and to this day, he still manages to sell out entire NFL stadiums in a matter of minutes.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy some rare footage of the man doing what he does best… it probably won’t be on YouTube very long.

I like that…

And how about a little “Standing Outside The Fire.”

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