This Brooklyn Pizza Shop Brawl Is One For The AGES

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Holy moly, do we have a good old fashioned royal rumble for the ages out in New York this morning.

The scene: Joe’s Pizza in Brooklyn.

The problem: Unruly customers had to wait “too long” for their pizza.

Let’s go to the tape:

More wild fight videos.

Beautiful… just beautiful.

I’ll never understand why anybody would have the stones to go behind the counter at a restaurant… they got cooking utensils, they got the entire staff, you’re literally walking into their kitchen and you think you’re going to emerge from that scenario the victor? Not gonna happen.

According to the comments on the Instagram video, these dudes didn’t like waiting for a slice so their natural reaction was to go behind the counter and try to fight the staff.


Granted, I think it’s safe to say that copious amount of alcohol were involved, but something tells me you sober up really quickly when somebody starts beating your ass with a pizza paddle, or “peel,” as they’re correctly called.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, you got another guy come flying in with the soup ladle, just punishing that dude with whack after whack. I mean, we’re talking pure chaos in the best possible way.

And the guy filming is just complaining about not getting his pizza rather than basking in the glow of one of the best internet fights in recent memory. I mean, you’re there and you’re not even enjoying it… rookie move, man.

All in all, it seems like the staff got the better of these jamokes, and kudos to team for bravely defending Joe’s Pizza with honor. If I was in Williamsburg, I’d have to pop in for a slice just out of respect.

Joe’s Pizza ladies and gentleman, where you’ll get a great slice… or a pizza paddle to the face.

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