Fan Eats Two Huge Punches At Mariners Game, Shakes Them Off Like Nothing Happened

A crowd of people watching a man talk on a stage

Dude got ROCKED.

Not really sure what this fight was all about, how it got started, or even how it ended, but according to a guy on Twitter who claims he was at the game, it had something to do with vaccinations.

Whatever started it, the dude in the jersey was determined to finish it.

Except… he didn’t.

The guy in the hoodie takes two HARD shots, direct to the face, and… nothing. I mean, he barely even flinched.

I thought he knocked his head clean off his shoulders, but nope, just kept on talking shit as the guy exited the stands.

No glass jaws around here… respect.

The damage.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock