Argument Turns Violent When Lunatic Driver Launches Guy Over Fence, Gets Out & Punches Him

A group of people standing in a street

Never turn your back on a fight.

You might get sucker punched from behind, you might get shot in the back, or in some cases, you might get mowed down by a raving lunatic in a car and launched into outer space.

In this instance, we’re talking about the latter…

What started out as a seemingly normal verbal altercation between two men on a sleepy neighborhood street turned into an insane attempted murder charge when one of the men gets back in his car, goes full psycho and runs the other dude clean over, launching him over a fence and into the bushes.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll never believe what happens next.

After nearly killing the man, he hits a pole, actually gets out of the car, punches the that he ran over in the face, gets back in the car, and flees the scene. I mean, the man is fit for a straight jacket.

However, according to BBC, the man has been arrested with charges of attempted murder (duh) pending.

The victim, who landed in the bushes and seemed to be relatively ok given the circumstances, reportedly suffered multiple injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

I’m not sure planet people live on where they think it’s to run people over with their cars, but thankfully, he probably won’t be behind the wheel again for a long time. Take this as a lesson people… never turn your back on a fight.

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