The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal Their Absolutely Stunning, 341-Diamond Encrusted Super Bowl LV Rings

A gold crown with a red and white design

Forget any other type of diamond ring, I want one of THESE babies:

The reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their Super Bowl LV championship rings last night, and all I can say is shit… they’re a sight to behold.

As much as it pains me to write this as a very sad Panthers fan who watched them lose to the Bucs twice in the NFC South last season, these might be the most incredible rings I’ve ever seen.

After beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in February, the Bucs became the first NFL team to ever play and win a Super Bowl game in their own stadium, and boy, do they know how to celebrate.

Look at some of the details and specs on these insane pieces of jewelry:

-“9 diamonds on the left trophy represent 9 points allowed in Super Bowl LV, one of the fewest in history”

-“8 emerald-cut diamonds on each side represent 8 straight wins, the longest in franchise history, that led to the Super Bowl LV win”

-“319 diamonds on the exterior top represent the 31-9 Super Bowl LV final score”

-“4 diamonds on the Super Bowl LV logo represent the number of division winners defeated”

According to the designer of the rings, Jason Arasheben of Jason of Beverly Hills, the Glazer family (the owners of the Bucs) wanted:

“To have the best Super Bowl ring in history.

They wanted every detail to stand out and every detail to be done to perfection so that they could deliver the best possible ring to the organization, the team and the community.”

Yeah well, not that they need my opinion, but I think they accomplished that and then some.

And how many carats is it, you may be wondering…

Well, it all adds up to 15 carats of white diamond and 14 karat yellow and white gold. Just for the hell of comparisons sake, I did a quick Google search and discovered that the average engagement ring in the United States has about 1.08 to 1.2 carats of diamonds.

I haven’t seen an official price tag on one yet, but honestly, I’m not sure if I really even want to. I’d ballpark it at least tens of thousands of dollars per ring minimum, if I had to guess.

Not only that, but the ring also features a removable top (the first Super Bowl ring to have one) that has a hand-engraved, three-dimensional replica of Raymond James Stadium and another diamond that represents the spot where the Bucs ran out of the tunnel.

I’m not really a math girl, but we’re lookin’ at a total of 341 diamonds on each ring.

Of course, you know Gronk is excited about his fourth one:

And, make that a total of seven for the legendary Quarterback Tom Brady:

Bucs running back Leonard Fournette even posted a video of him with Tom and fellow running back LeSean McCoy, where everyone seems pretty freaking excited about their new jewelry.

It sure looks to me like ol’ Tom had to have been downing shots of his favorite avocado tequila to celebrate, and who could blame him:

Check out this insane up-close and detailed video of their rings. I’m thinking if any of the players or personnel ever wear their ring out in public, they’re gonna need an entire security detail.

They’re works of art, really:

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