Australian Dude Wins Fiancé Of The Year With Cockatoo Marriage Proposal

W of the year right here.

People are really getting creative with these marriage proposals nowadays, and it’s likely to stir up a tear or two.

However, this guy won. He did it. He can’t be matched.

An Australian couple was attending a nature show at the Australia Zoo, when the guide was displaying the zoo’s cockatoo to the crowd.

When the guide asked if anybody would like to meet the cockatoo face to face, this woman from the couple eagerly jumped up waving her hands.

When the guide picked her, she asked the clueless future bride to pull out a “$5 note” (I’m guessing they call bills “notes” in the land down under).

When the bird flew to the woman, it grabbed the note out of her hand, and flew back to the guide.

The bird, named “Euli,” then brought back the receipt for the woman, and put it in her hand.

When the woman opened up the receipt, it contained a message from her boyfriend asking if she would marry him.

He quickly turned and got on one knee, and you can see the woman begin to burst out in tears of joy and excitement.

You gotta love a sweet sappy story on a Friday.

Now, we just need to combine the footage from the proposal and the wedding and turn it into another music video for Luke Combs’ “Forever After All.”

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