Let Me Introduce You To The Fastest Gunslinger That Ever Lived: “Bad” Bob Munden

We’ve all heard the legends about Billy the Kid, Jesse James (not the motorcycle guy), Wyatt Earp, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Quick & The Dead (ok, he was more dead than quick)… we’re talking about the fastest gunslingers in the wild west.

But what you know about Bad Bob?

In my defense, I had no idea who the guy was either, but the man is the fastest gunslinger known to man, garnering one of the most obscure talents I’ve ever seen in my life.

A video surfaced of a 1980 interview involving “Bad” Bob Munden, and his ELECTRIC shooting abilities, where he could pull out his revolver in .02 seconds and shoot two targets in a blink of an eye.

I mean seriously, the man shot two targets simultaneously, almost as if the shot was completely fake ( I’m still not really sure if I believe it). However, with the interviewer as witness (and a camera man somehow standing behind the targets), they replayed the shot in slow motion and you can see two shots fired in .02 seconds.


It takes me longer than that to fuckin’ blink.

And the best part? Ol’ Bad Bob ain’t too humble about his abilities though, as he noted at the beginning of the interview that the only thing faster than his gun drawing abilities is the speed of light. I mean, the he might be the cockiest SOB on planet Earth and I love it. The one-liners in here are GOLD.

But hey, the man boasts a ton of Guinness World Records, so I guess that’s something.

Ladies and gentlemen… the incredible “Bad” Bob Munden.

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