Cody Jinks Says New Country AND Metal Tunes Are Coming Next Month

A man sitting on a bench playing a guitar
Jason Deramo

Looks like we’re gonna be getting new music from Cody Jinks sooner than we thought…

We’ve all been hanging on the edge of our seats over the past couple of months, as we await the arrival of Jinks’ new country album “Mercy,” in addition to his metal album with his new band Caned By Nod, titled “None The Wiser.”

The man has already stated that we’ll be getting the albums in November, however, he’s teased us with a little surprise yesterday.

He took to Twitter to announce that we’ll be getting some singles in August, with shows starting in September featuring music from the new tracks.

We’ve already been anticipating some true new music from Jinks for over a year now, and to add even more hype to the conversation, his good buddy Ward Davis went on to call this new project a “fucking masterpiece.”

So what do we do now? We wait.

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