Olympic Skateboarder Nyjah Huston Slams Uncomfortable Cardboard Beds: “We’re At The F*cking Olympics To Focus & Beast Up”

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Ah, the plot thickens.

We recently shared an article about the now-infamous Olympic beds that are made out of cardboard and designed to be “environmentally friendly,” while also making sure that none of the athletes can hook up in Olympic Village.

In an effort to keep the spread of COVID down at the summer games in Tokyo, they banned fans this year, and apparently think making beds out of cardboard is going to keep any of the participants from having sex…

It sparked a huge uproar on social media, and also caused Irish Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan to call BS on the whole situation, saying the beds were perfectly sturdy:

Now, we have American skateboarder Nyjah Huston chiming in on the debate with a completely different perspective and giving a very detailed look at the makings of the beds.

He tested the bed out himself in the video, reporting that they were extremely uncomfortable and unsuitable for good sleep during the week of the Olympics.

Of course, that’s extremely important to the success of these world-class athletes and their performance at the games:

“It’s feeling pretty hard as you can see.

You can definitely feel that it’s made out of some very high-tech cardboard. Really, pretty simple design. Kinda hurtful, but this is the room.”

He also added that the last thing he was worried about while he was there was hooking up with any of the other athletes.

I mean, it seems pretty obvious to me that most of them are there to compete and win on the field, not in the bedroom. Of course, that’s inevitably going to happen, too, but you’d think they could at least make the beds comfortable because I honestly don’t think that’s gonna stop anyone anyways:

“So here we got the infamous anti-sex bed in the Olympic room. And that was their way to solve the problem because apparently if you hook up with someone on it the bed like completely breaks down and ruins it.

But the only problem I see is that me and the boys got a hard, uncomfortable bed to sleep on. We need good sleep and me and the homies here, we’re not worried about hooking up with chicks.

We’re at the fucking Olympics to focus and beast up. That’s what we’re here for.”

Also, what are they supposed to do if someone does try to knock boots on the bed and it actually collapses? Go ask for some new pieces of cardboard and a COVID test?

From what I can tell, I wouldn’t want to do anything on those beds… certainly not sleep. I guess that’s the point?

They look worse than the bed I slept on in my dorm freshman year of college…

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